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DD Free Dish MPEG 4 channel list updated on 1 December 2018


DD Free Dish has MPEG 4 channels. These channels are presently encrypted in iCAS encryption.  This is an indigenous encryption. Normal STBs cannot receive these channels. One needs iCas STBs to view these channels.

Manufactures of iCAS stbs were already posted in our site on the following link:



Full MPEG 4 iCAS channel list:

Frequency: 11630 Pol: V Symbol rate: 30000

TEST 601
TEST 602
TEST 603
TEST 604
TEST 605
TEST 606
TEST 607
TEST 608
TEST 609
TEST 610
TEST 611
TEST 612
TEST 613
TEST 614
TEST 615
TEST 616
TEST 617
TEST 618
TEST 619
TEST 620
TEST 621
TEST 622
Test 623
TEST 624
Subtitle Stream (Data)
ALI OTA (Data)
ST OTA (Data)


12 thoughts on “DD Free Dish MPEG 4 channel list updated on 1 December 2018”

  1. Singnal is 64% nd only zee bihar kaling ishwar zing etc channel are coming . The channel written dd free dish are not coming nd signal is also only 7% showing why is it so

    • They are from NSS6/SES at 95 degrees. DD Free Dish comes on 93.5 degrees. That is why signal is low. Slightly adjust the dish then you will get both DD Free Dish and also the above mentioned channels from Dish TV.

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