CHARDIKLA TIME TV on ABS Free Dish. CHARDIKLA TIME TV frequency 11853 H 44000. CHARDIKLA TIME TV is available on ABS 2 at 75 degs East.

CHARDIKLA TIME TV channel is available FTA / Free to air on ABS Freedish DTH on the following frequency

  • Channel Name: CHARDIKLA TIME TV
  • frequency/TP : 11853
  • Polarity: H
  • Symbol Rate: 44000
  • Satellite: ABS 2
  • Orbital slot/location: 75 degrees East
  • Enter this frequency to get CHARDIKLA TIME TV from ABS FreeDish.

    ABS FreeDish is a free to air dth service just like DD Free Dish. One can get lots of channels from this ABS FreeDish for free. It is easy to receive this dth service. We need a 60cms dish and a LNB along with a free to air satellite receiver.

    Image/Screen capture of CHARDIKLA TIME TV from ABS Free Dish

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