How to watch ABS Free Dish

How to watch ABS Free Dish Easily. Here is the procedure to get ABS Free Dish signal.
Many Friends get Signal of DD Free Dish very easily but not getting
the signal of ABS Free Dish using Ordinary Dish Antenna. For those
friend today I will guide you how to get it.

Required Accessories for ABS Free Dish are as follows :-

1. Minimum 60 cm Offset Dish Antenna (one can use DTH dish like Tata Sky, Sun Direct, Dish TV, D2H, Reliance or Airtel.

2. Ku Band LNB (We can reuse the same DTH LNB)
3. Any MPEG 2 Set Top Box which usually used in DD Free Dish formerly DD Direct Plus. We need to buy it from market. They dont cost above 1000 rupees.

4. RG59 or RG6 Coaxial Cable to Connect LNB & Set Top Box (we can use the DTH cable itself along with the pin)

Technical Parameter are as Follows :-
Satellite Name & Location : ABS 2 at 75.0°E
Transponder Frequency of ABS Free Dish are as follows
11734 H 44000
11791 H 44000
11856 H 44000
Details Parameter are as Follows
LNB 01 = 09750
LNB 02 = 10600
Transponder Frequency = 11734 / 11791 / 11856
Symbol Rate = 44000
Polarization = Horizontal (H)
FEC = 2/3
22K = OFF
DiSEqC Switch = OFF (If you have more than one LNB, Select LNB 1/2/3/4)
Mode = All or FTA

For latest channel list of ABS Free Dish and also for updated frequencies see here:

Alternative Process 1
If you don’t get any signal using the above Parameters, please try to get Signal from neighbor satellite, means get Signal from Insat
4CR at 74.0°E.

Parameter of Insat 4CR are as follows & all the
transponders are with good Signal. Except frequency, symbol rate and polarisation rest of the parameters like LNB LO etc.,. are same as ABS
11523 H 1700
11667 V 3000
11680 V 2965

One problem is these above 3 tps are not 24 hours active. Some times during night they are OFF.
getting signal from any one transponder of Insat 4CR, Please move your
Dish slightly towards Left Side (If you are back side of your Dish)
Now try to get Signal from ABS, you will get it.

Alternative Process 2

Alternative 2nd Process is much Easier than any other Process who wants
to get DD Free Dish & ABS Free Dish Together or Friends, who are
already with Tatasky & wants to migrate to ABS Free Dish or wants
one more new Connection with existing Tatasky Connection.

To get
Signal through this alternative process, you need to buy one Multifeed
LNB Bracket for Ku Band LNB.

Locate you Antenna toward 83 Degree East with the Transponder Frequency
11010 H 27500. Hope you will get more than 80% signal from this
transponder. After that Install the Multifeed LNB Bracket. Follow the
Installation Guide & get ABS Free Dish Signal without any trouble.

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